ATX01 enters Clinical Development

France-based biotechnology company AlgoTx, developers of ATX01, an innovative topical treatment for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), announced today that ATX01 was administered to healthy volunteers participating in a Phase I study, designed to establish the product’s local and systemic tolerance in humans and ascertain its limited systemic passage. This is ATX01’s first administration in humans.

In November 2020, AlgoTx raised 12M€ in a Series A fundraising led by Bpifrance and Omnes Capital, with a view to developing ATX01 through to Phase II in CIPN. The initiation of this Phase I study is the first step in the timely execution of that plan.

Over half of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy develop CIPN and experience sensory symptoms and pain in the hands and feet:  loss of sensitivity, tingling, burning, cold and intense pain can persist for months to years after treatment. CIPN can prevent patients from walking or using their hands, thus deeply affecting their quality of life.

CIPN is found in over two million patients in the US and Europe, a leading cause for modification or interruption of chemotherapy. To this date, no therapeutic approach has offered a satisfactory response for patients and their caregivers, oncologists and pain specialists.