AlgoTherapeutix (AlgoTx) is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing targeted, first in class therapeutics for peripheral neuropathic pain. Our lead asset, ATX01, is a non-opioid, locally acting agent. It targets the signaling pathways involved in the regulation of pain by inhibiting specific nociceptive sodium channels. ATX01’s lead indication is Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN), a common side effect of cancer treatment whereby nerve damage can cause intense pain, pins and needles and  numbness in the feet and hands. CIPN is a leading  cause of reduction or discontinuation of chemotherapy.


The company has seasoned leadership, with experience of bringing global products successfully to market, and is backed by an international board.

Squiggle Graphic
Squiggle Graphic

In March 2023, at France Biotech’s prestigious HealthTech Trophies Ceremony, AlgoTx was awarded the 2023 ESG HealthTech Trophy in recognition of the biotech’s early commitment to ESG initiatives. Despite its young age, AlgoTx has been steadily supporting two NGOs: The social recycling movement Plastic Bank which gathers plastic on the shores around the world, and Gribouilli which helps precarious childcare workers around Paris develop a professional profile and activity.